Ken Witherly - President

Ken Witherly - President BSc. AIPG CPG-11536

Has fifty years of experience in minerals exploration for all major commodities on every continent but the Antarctic. Highlights of Ken's career include:

Involvement with four deposits during their critical exploration stage including a key role in designing the first geophysical programs for what became Canada's first diamond mine, Ekati.

During his career first with Utah/GE/BHP and then as president of Condor, Ken was at the forefront of adapting innovative technology to better exploration performance. This work included:

"Development and commercialization of what became Intrepid and Encom Profile Analyst packages " Definition of aviation solution to acquire AEM data in high Andes; became the commercially successful MegaTEM platform. " As primary client champion for the Falcon airborne gravity technology, had primary role initially in helping to define the technical opportunity and then served as client liaison between various company divisions. " Assisted Falconbridge with identification of high temperature SQUID technology developed by CSIRO to strategic application for application to the Raglan Ni-Cu mine

In the past 15 years, Ken has taken an active role in various professional groups and contributed extensively to organizing conferences and workshops. Most recently, he has taken a role in the Frank Arnott-Next Generation Explorers Award and the Women Geoscientists of Canada.

Ken Witherly - Condor Consulting