Sarah Devriese Senior Geophysicist

Sarah Devriese received a BSc (geophysical engineering) in 2010 from the Colorado School of Mines and worked as a research assistant, focussing on stable downward continuation of potential field data. Sarah earned a PhD (geophysics) in 2016 from the University of British Columbia; her thesis was entitled "Detecting and imaging time-lapse conductivity changes using electromagnetic methods". During her time at UBC-GIF, Sarah researched and inverted potential field, ZTEM, EM, and DC/IP data for kimberlite exploration, uranium deposits, SAGD monitoring, and hydrogeology. After finishing her PhD, Sarah worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at UBC-GIF and continued research into advanced geophysical inversions. She was also a co-instructor for an undergraduate geophysics course, teaching the seismology model. Sarah joined Condor North in late 2017 as a project geophysicist, and works on processing and interpreting geophysical data.

Sarah Devriese - Project Geophysicist